Who we are

Our purpose

Facilitate sustainability

We were born to fulfill a need

TAGA- Tecnología Ambiental Gallega was consolidated in 2015 to supply water and sludge treatment equipment for the TEVALCOR Corporation. Since then, the company has evolved to become a reference in environmental equipment.

Thanks to our experience in the realization of this type of special parts and equipment, we have helped the R&D departments of different institutions, manufacturing pilot plants for the development of their research.

Our workshop stands out for covering conceptual design needs, manufacturing and installation of equipment for all types of sustainable development projects worldwide.

Innovating to reduce the environmental footprint

Our developments for engineering applications have made us specialists in drinking and wastewater treatment.

In addition, we provide solutions for the recycling of organic and inorganic waste and sludge conditioning.

And all this thanks to the innovations we have developed in these fields, which allow the different sectors we have worked with to minimize the environmental impact they generate.

Adapting to a changing world

Environmental care does not only depend on the water sector.

Waste treatment and different forms of energy generation are areas in which TAGA – Tecnología Ambiental Gallega has set its sights on the manufacture of elements that help to reduce costs both at a monetary and environmental level.

If you have an idea that requires the manufacture of equipment for ecological and sustainable projects, TAGA is ready to help you.