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At TAGA – Tecnología Ambiental Gallega

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Lower manufacturing costs due to a standardized process

Lower installation costs, supplied pre-assembled

Reduced maintenance costs through telematic monitoring


In a wastewater treatment plant, pretreatment is the first process of water conditioning. This process aims to condition the wastewater in order to subsequently facilitate the actual treatments, thus preserving the installation from erosion and clogging.

Pretreatment includes equipment such as screens and sieves for the separation of large particles, such as plastic bottles, desanders to remove sand present in the wastewater, and degreasers to remove grease and oils.

planta desarenado TAGA tecnología ambiental Gallega para el tratamiento de aguas residuales industria agroalimentaria

Desanding - Degreasing plant

Primary treatment

The purpose of primary treatment is the removal of pollutants such as: coarse solids, fine solids, sand and grease present in wastewater.

For the removal of the above mentioned pollutants, TAGA – Tecnología Ambiental Gallega has a wide range of automatic equipment designed for each application.

Secondary treatment & Modular equipment

Secondary treatment consists of a series of processes of a biological nature that have in common the use of microorganisms to carry out the removal of biodegradable organic matter.

Nutrient containing compounds such as Nitrates and Phosphorus are also removed, given the requirements defined for the quality of the treated water.

Tertiary treatment

Depending on the use and/or disposal requirements of the wastewater treatment plant effluent, in some cases it is necessary to complement the secondary treatment with an additional treatment system to improve the effluent quality.

In these cases, tertiary treatment systems are usually aimed at reducing the total suspended solids content.

Sludge treatment

The management of sludge from urban or industrial wastewater treatment plants is intended to reduce its volume in order to minimize operating costs.

For sludge treatment, TAGA has a wide range of automatic equipment designed and manufactured, such as the Centrifugal Decanter and the Sludge Dewatering Screw.