Cavitation Air Flotation for Microbubble Generation

The Cavitator Equipment for Microbubble Generation is designed for use in physicochemical and wastewater treatment.

The aerator aspirates the air from the environment, conducts it through a hollow pipe and expels it through a diffuser impeller that creates bubbles. These microbubbles collect solids in the water and drive it to the surface.

The design allows the bubble to be evenly distributed. The engine is not submerged, which facilitates maintenance in case of breakdowns.

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Equipo Cavitador Microburbuja - TAGA - Tecnología Ambiental Gallega

Commercial information and specifications

Download product information and specifications of our Cavitation Air Flotation –  TAGA – Tecnología Ambiental Gallega

Cavitation Air Flotation for Microbubble Generation